Reimbursement Program

DePuy understands that the August 2010 voluntary recall of the DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing System1 and the ASR™ XL Acetabular System has been concerning to patients, their family members and surgeons. Since the recall, DePuy’s efforts to inform and support ASR Hip System patients and their surgeons have been a top priority. DePuy also established a reimbursement program to address recall-related testing and treatment. This program has included reimbursement for recall-related revision surgeries and follow-up treatment, as well as other patient out-of-pocket expenses.

The reimbursement program, administered by Broadspire, a third-party claims processor, was intended to remove financial barriers for patients directly affected by the recall so they could receive recall-related testing and treatment. The program was the first of its kind worldwide, and it has, to date, resulted in thousands of payments on behalf of ASR Hip System patients globally. DePuy also provides reimbursement to insurers and third-party payors. In addition, DePuy has funded the U.S. ASR Hip Settlement Program to provide compensation to eligible patients that have undergone replacement of their ASR Hip.

It is important to note that patients do not waive the right to pursue legal action by initiating a claim for reimbursement through Broadspire, signing the Patient Authorization Form or providing medical information to DePuy.

Call the ASR Help Line at 1-888-627-2677 to obtain a claim number and to get instructions on how to submit a claim for reimbursement through Broadspire.

U.S. Broadspire Program Dates

Note: All medical expenses should continue to be addressed through routine healthcare channels, such as public or private insurance. For reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, the following program eligibility dates apply.

For testing and related exams of ASR Hips

  • For U.S. patients who have an ASR Hip System implant, Broadspire evaluated requests for reimbursement related to medically necessary testing and related exams performed on or before August 24, 2015. Testing and exams performed after August 24, 2015 on patients who currently have an ASR Hip will not be considered for reimbursement by Broadspire. The August 24, 2015 program eligibility date applied to routine care and treatment incurred before, and separate from, a revision surgery.

For revision surgery and certain related expenses

  • For patients not eligible for the U.S. ASR Hip Settlement Program, reimbursement for the cost of ASR recall-related revision surgery to replace an ASR Hip, as well as certain patient out-of-pocket expenses, will continue to be addressed by Broadspire on a case-by-case basis if the revision surgery takes place within seven years of the initial ASR implantation surgery. As in the past, determinations will be based upon availability of clinical indications showing that the revision is related to the recall.
  • For patients not eligible for the U.S. ASR Hip Settlement Program, requests for reimbursement for testing and exams after recall-related revision surgery and associated patient out-of-pocket expenses will be addressed by Broadspire on a case-by-case basis for one year from the date of the revision surgery.
  • Please note, two settlement agreements have been announced to compensate eligible ASR patients in the U.S. who had revision surgery on or before January 31, 2015. Broadspire reimbursement is not available to patients who are eligible to participate in the U.S. ASR Hip Settlement Program. To learn more about the settlement program, please visit

ASR Hip System patients should continue to seek follow-up care according to their doctors’ guidance.

  1. The DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System was only approved for use outside the U.S. and was not commercially available in the U.S.